Welcome at Ichthyosis Belgium n.p.a

The Ichthyosis Belgium (nonprofit association) is a society without
 any pursuit of profit founded
in 1997.
Our target is to defend the indivi
dual and communal interests of Ichthyoses-patients.
We are trying to achieve this by giving all kind of information,
 accompanying parents and patients, and stimulating scientific research,
 and last
but not least, collecting funds for these activities.

Our association is supported by many universities all over Europe.


Attention !!! 

The contrbution for thr year 2011 remains 25
In order to obtain a new authorization to issue tax certificates
to qualify, we have received a tax inspector
Everything was just fine exept for one point.

Regarding the tax certificates for 2011 the amount increased 
30 to 40 (this is a decision of the Governement)
so for a tax certificate should in the future be paid 41
This is 40 for the certificate and 1 for to be member of the foundation 

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


The main address is: Ichthyosis  Belgium n.p.a
Chairman :
Devidts Jean
Vestinglaan, 12-2

Tel : 32-(0)3/440.01.00
Fax: 32-(0)3/440.03.34

GSM : 0475/68.67.19
07:00 and 09:00 PM)

E-mail: ichthyosis@devidts.com